Elevation Construction

Full Service General Contractors


Brody C. Lambert


Experience – 25 Years

Mr. Lambert co-founded and serves the team at Elevation Construction as its Chief Executive Officer. His extensive experience of over 25 years in the construction industry ranges widely from fabrication and welding to framing and structural concrete to heavy equipment operating and infrastructure to electrical, PV and mechanical systems. He has overseen and been involved in the management of millions of dollars’ worth of construction projects. Mr. Lambert is a graduate of the Huntsman school of Business at Utah State University. He holds multiple state and professional licenses and certifications. He also carries 16 certifications for the International Code Council and is a licensed combination inspector. He has served on numerous civil committees, State chapter boards and building code education committees. Mr. Lambert has been a quest lecturer at Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University in their Master of Construction Management programs to address students and faculty on various building code topics, best management practices and real-world application of industry standards. Mr. Lambert has a deep passion for the building industry and creating life-long friendships along the way. He has worked hard to build and assemble the great team at Elevation Construction and strives to provide a great product and experiences for both his employees and customers. Mr. Lambert enjoys the outdoors, hunting, cowboying, and raising show cattle on his farm. He takes deep pride in teaching his children and passing on the values of hard work, an honest dollar and goal setting.

Chisholm Woolley


Experience – 13 Years

Chisolm Woolley is a seasoned Director of Construction with over 13 years of dedicated experience in the dynamic realm of the construction industry. His journey in construction began as a foundation and has since evolved into a towering edifice of expertise and passion. With a rich tapestry of experiences spanning various roles and companies, including Rimrock PM, Christensen and Griffith, Newman Construction, and Jim Issac Construction, Chisolm has honed his craft and cultivated a reputation for excellence. From project management and estimating to hands-on leadership as a lead pipe layer and superintendent, Chisolm has embraced every challenge with tenacity and precision. One of Chisolm’s greatest strengths lies in his ability to communicate effectively and pay meticulous attention to detail, all while remaining process-driven. His innate knack for developing and nurturing lasting relationships has been instrumental in fostering mutually beneficial partnerships throughout his career. Driven by a relentless pursuit of growth and a passion for transforming visions into reality, Chisolm finds solace in the constant flux of the construction world. The thrill of being pushed beyond his comfort zone every day fuels his drive to excel, while witnessing projects evolve from mere dirt into vibrant commercial properties ignites his sense of fulfillment. Beyond the construction site, Chisolm cherishes precious moments with his wife, Whitnie, and their five children. Together, they find joy in the great outdoors, whether it’s riding horses or embarking on exhilarating hunting adventures. Chisolm Woolley is not just a Director of Construction; he is a visionary, a leader, and a catalyst for progress in an ever-evolving industry.

Zach Liddle


Experience – 15 Years

Zach is a seasoned professional in the field of sales, currently serving as Vice President of Sales. With a wealth of experience in large logistics companies, Zach specializes in creating efficient systems to source and move products around the world. His dedication to customer satisfaction is unparalleled, as he enjoys assisting clients with a diverse range of projects. Outside of work, Zach finds joy in spending quality time with his family, cherishing each moment together. A sports enthusiast at heart, Zach’s passion extends to hockey and football, where he finds excitement in both playing and watching the games unfold. With a strong commitment to excellence and a genuine enthusiasm for his work, Zach is a valuable asset to any team.

Liz Betts


Experience – 13 Years

Liz Betts is a dynamic Construction Executive Vice President with a passion for building both structures and relationships. Hailing from diverse locales such as California, Idaho, Michigan, and Utah, Liz brings a breadth of experience and a unique perspective to her role. Beyond her professional pursuits, Liz is a fervent advocate for work-life balance. You can often find her engaged in a spirited game of pickleball, strategizing over board games, or darting across the field in an ultimate frisbee match. Her love for outdoor adventures is only rivaled by her devotion to her husband, Jacob, and their four energetic boys. With a career spanning executive positions in property management, project management, and the construction industry, Liz has cemented herself as a respected leader in her field. Her unwavering commitment to excellence, coupled with her innate ability to foster collaboration, has been instrumental in driving success both personally and professionally. In every aspect of her life, Liz Betts embodies the spirit of dedication, resilience, and an unwavering zest for life.

Anthony Warren


Experience – 21 Years

Strength/talents: Communication, attention to detail, process driven, love developing people and building lasting relationships that benefit both sides. Experience: Rimrock Super 6 years Multi- Family/Hotel. Projects: Richmond @Millcreek 326,768 SqFt of finish, 328 Units, $80,000,000.00 FarmHaus 280 Units 384,280 SqFt & Brickstone 300 Units 380,459 SqFt (Colorado) Recruited to recover a failing project to get on track and bring to completion. Legacy Village (St. George) 323 Units 600,000 Spft $40,000,000.00 Printer Logic (St. George) Concrete Tilt up Commercial business space 60,000 SqFt $17,000,000.00. UC&D 2021 Most Outstanding Projects Award Winner Jim Isaac Construction Lead Superintendent, specialized in custom cabinetry along with renovations and Tenant Improvement for hospitals, office space, Golds Gym and Vasa Fitness.

McCord Parry


Experience – 25 Years

Both classically and institutionally trained in Construction, McCord has been involved in building for over 25 years with a diverse track of residential and commercial project oversight. McCord specializes in efficient and detailed project and site management, including extensive construction management. McCord finds his expertise is most meaningful in multi-million dollar custom residential homes, but has extensive experience in commercial building as well. Building has become his passion, pride and expression. He strives for and pursues excellence in all his projects. In his free time he enjoys traveling, climbing to the top of mountain summits, and spending time with his 3 children.

Russell Orton


Experience – 16 Years

Russell grew up across three states Salt Lake City Utah, Phoenix Arizona, and Austin Texas where he became obsessed with how homes flow from functionally designed to efficiently constructed. He relished his teenage years in the farm country of north Austin learning about hard work and dedication as he and his friends earned money doing odds and ends jobs for farmers and developers. Before moving back to Utah to attend the University of Utah, Russell volunteered for a service mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Lima Peru where he learned to be goal oriented, flexible and to communicate with locals to accomplish the mission assignments. While attending college, Russell expounded on his knowledge of construction and accounting. After completing his undergraduate, he went on to achieve a master’s degree in accounting in Boston Massachusetts. While gaining experience in public accounting in Boston Massachusetts, Fort Worth Texas, and Denver Colorado, he continued to marvel at architectural design and construction. He always found time away from his computer to earn side money helping friends and family with remodel construction projects. This led Russell to relocate his wife, Erin, and their three living children to the greater Salt Lake Area to take a new job as the chief financial officer and controller of a construction general contractor. He is a big believer in improving construction profitability and efficiency through good accounting and communication.