Elevation Construction

Full Service General Contractors

Raintree Apartments

Provo, Utah

Elevation renovated 408 units on one property with a budget of $11 million. Thirty-five percent of the work was self performed.

  • Timeline – 18 months.
  • Elevation sourced and warehoused materials for entire project.
  • Plumbing updated per code and new layout, including fixtures.
  • Updated electrical wiring and changed lighting to meet code.
  • Kitchens rebuilt including all new cabinets, countertops and hardware.
  • Floors leveled and new flooring installed.
  • Replaced exterior doors, sliding doors and windows.
  • Interior painted with 2 tone paint.
  • Replaced bathroom tub and surrounds with new shower trim.
  • Upgraded hardware in all units.
  • Installed new appliances.
  • Painted exterior of buildings.
  • Clubhouse renovated including the addition of a new gym.
  • Parking lots sealcoated and striped.